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Poa is a genus of about 500 species of grasses, native to the temperate regions of both hemispheres. Common names include meadow-grass (mainly in Europe and Asia), bluegrass (mainly in North America), tussock (some New Zealand species), and speargrass. "Poa" is Greek for fodder. Poa are members of the Pooideae subfamily of the Poaceae family.
Bluegrass, which has green leaves, derives its name from the seed heads, which are blue when the plant is allowed to grow to its natural height of two to three feet (0.6 to 0.9 meters).
The genus Poa includes both annual and perennial species. Most are monoecious, but a few are dioecious (separate male and female plants). The leaves are narrow, folded or flat, sometimes bristled, and with the basal sheath flattened or sometimes thickened, with a blunt or hooded apex and membranaceous ligule.

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  1. E

    NSW retrieve POA bank agreement

    Hi, I would like to get a copy of my POA bank agreement processed in Nov 2018. The bank said it might take a while to retrieve the information & a solicitor might have a faster access to the information. How does a solicitor gain access to it and what is the turnaround? Thank you
  2. M

    POA needs financial help

    Hello I am one of 5 siblings with my eldest sister being POA and ENDURING GUARDIAN for both our parents. Our parents are self funded with 2 commercial properties. The home was sold as a bond was needed for both parents to enter a nursing home. Mum is at the nursing home but dad caused issues...
  3. Ted Sherwood

    Section 6 of the ACT Enduring PoA form

    Section 6 says ' My attorney/attorneys may consent on my behalf to - refuse or require the withdrawal of medical treatment generally, or refuse, or require... Doe the first part mean: (a) 'Refuse ...medical treatment' and 'require the withdrawal of medical treatment' OR (b) 'Refuse the...
  4. G

    VIC Power of attorney Fraud

    if I agree to become someone's power of attorney who has committed a fraud ( and they acknowledge it) and I am aware of it, and I do make decisions on their behalf due to, say eg dementia, if the fraud is exposed am I , as the attorney, now also implicated in the fraud ?
  5. KitnCaboo

    POA named as "Severally" but did not take it up

    Hello: My Mother asked me to set up a POA for her before she left Sydney for a Retirement Village in QLD. (She also asked me to set up her Will & an EPOA for Medical Decisions at the time - which I did) Mum was right. After about 1 & 1/4 years she quite quickly succumbed to Dementia and is now...
  6. M

    VIC mothers will and enduring power of attorney

    I was my mother's power of attorney. My mother got sick diagnosed dementia. My brother who we haven't seen for 11 years come and took my mother to revoke my POA. In her will, it states I'm the only beneficiary and my brother and sister are not to get anything. She has given her reasons why. How...