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  1. D

    WA Can I Import Pepper Spray to Western Australia?

    Am I allowed to import pepper fog spray and a pepper spray gun to Western Australia? I have a mob that tried to kill me.
  2. C

    VIC Criminal Law - Use of Pepper Spray at Home - Legal?

    I understand that is not legal under Criminal Law to carry pepper spray with you but is it legal to have it at home for self-defence? And what means of self-defence can you have at home and how can you use them if necessary?
  3. V

    WA Use of Pepper Spray or Capsicum Spray in WA Legal?

    Hi. Just trying to clarify what the laws are regarding the use of capsicum spray or pepper spray in self defence? I'm aware that it is legal to purchase pepper spray here in West Australia but if you were to actually deploy it upon a home intruder or if you were being attacked, can you be...
  4. D

    Pepper Spray Australia - Legal to Sell?

    Hello, I was wondering if it is legal to sell pepper spray online in Australia? I am wondering if it is legal to sell pepper spray (also known as mace spray or capsicum spray) to Western Australians and Tasmanians online, or if permits are required? If it is legal to sell pepper spray in the...
  5. ikaros

    QLD Is Pepper Spray or Mace Spray Legal in Australia?

    I really wish to know as I am an 18 year old girl who has to walk fairly large distances to and from my bus stop to get to my University for a full-time study, and often there is fights near me, or people yelling things out to me, or people even starting on any males such as my boyfriend who...