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    NSW Blueprints in Parenting - What Does It Mean in Family Law?

    What does not having the right blue prints mean in family law? NSW Family and Community Services told my partner and me that we don't have the right blueprints to be parents. We both grew up through the system as wards of the state. Please tell me what it means?
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    NSW Getting Son Back under Family Law - Any Options?

    Is there another way under family law besides a section 90 to get my 4year old son back after final orders have been made by family court? My parents have full Permanent Residency and I have achieved the requests NSW Family and Community Services set out in the care plan.
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    NSW Bringing Action against NSW Family and Community Services

    I looked after two boys until they reached ages of maturity and are no longer with my care. The NSW Family and Community Services (or as it was then known, the Department of Community Services) refused to have one of the boys checked for Aspergers Syndrome. I should have received a larger...