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MTAA Super (Motor Trades Association of Australia Superannuation Fund) is an industry superannuation fund established to serve the motor trades and allied industries.
Created in 1989, it has become one of Australia’s largest super funds. As at 2019, MTAA Super has more than $12 billion funds under management and represents more than 200,000 members and more than 50,000 active employers. MTAA Super is a public offer fund and allows membership to all Australians.
MTAA Super was named SuperRatings 7 year platinum performer for 2003-2010. In 2020, the fund was again awarded Platinum Rating by SuperRatings, who named MTAA Super a “best value for money” super fund.

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    VIC Trustee - Do We Need Certificate of Attainment?

    Hi. My brother recently committed suicide. He was living at home with my parents and currently has 2 Super funds. One with MTAA super and one BT superannuation. His BT account was only 6 weeks of employment and we have been advised that we won't receive any benefit payout from that account as...
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    Probate from MTAA Super?

    Hello, my problem is my husband passed away April 2014 and i'm currently trying to claim his Death Benefits from MTAA Super. I'm a preferred beneficiary in one of his superannuation accounts, MTAA Super has now contacted my husbands estranged daughter. I spoke to a representative in MTAA'S Claim...