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The Magistrates' Court of Victoria is the lowest court in the Victorian court system, with the County Court of Victoria and the Supreme Court of Victoria respectively judicially higher. The Magistrates' Court is a court of summary jurisdiction.

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  1. A

    VIC Coroners and Magistrates

    In the State of Victoria, Coroner and Magistrates do not wear robes in court, in which the main intention behind this is to maintain a fair and unbiased hearing where: (a) there is less formality, and; (b) hearing are less formal. If a Coroner or Magistrate wanted to, are they able to...
  2. L

    WA Magistrates Court Victoria - Jurisdiction Issue?

    We have an oral contract entered into and performed in Victoria. Terms are disputed. The creditor has moved to Perth and is threatening to sue me in Perth. I am still based in Melbourne. It seems that they should sue in the Magistrates Court Victoria as work performed, money claimed as loan...
  3. Rod

    VIC Criminal Procedure Act 2009 Not Followed by Police

    Hi guys, A self-represented accused has requested information from the informant (police officer) that the CRIMINAL PROCEDURE ACT 2009 says should be provided by the informant. The information is not in the preliminary brief. The information being refused is prior convictions of witnesses. The...