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    SA Magellan? IVO FCA, help with final orders sought

    Hi everyone, I have a VERY complicated matter and I am also now self representing.. I will try and be as brief as I can, I am also wary of putting to much information "out there". The OP and I have been in the FCC for over 3 years, and we have just been bumped up to the FCA. OP is the applicant...
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    QLD How to Change Existing Family Court Orders?

    I have question regarding a Magellan Family Court matter. In a children's dispute back in 2010 I was able to get joint custody of my 3 children. Basically the trouble continued despite the order from the Magistrates Court and it was transferred to the Family Court. To make a very long and hard...
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    QLD Interpretation of Family Orders - Magellan Case

    Hello! I am a respondent in a complicated complex family law case. Currently self represented, my Legal Aid application was unsuccessful twice. It is ordered that ( Interpretation ) 1. The Independent Children's Lawyer shall have to cause subpoena to issue to whoever he wants documents produced...
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    QLD How to deal with Independent Children's Lawyer (ICL)?

    My case is under the Family Law Court's Magellan program. I'm a self-litigant with no resources to fund my matter. I won my criminal matter last year in the District Court of Queensland with the help of legal aid preferred supplier. I pleaded not guilty in front of the Judge and the Jury, found...