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    SA Marriott IT Employee Hacking Students for Money - What to Do?

    To whom it may concern, I'd really appreciate it if someone could give me some legal direction on this crime. Money is not an issue, especially if someone can help me out. This is just my opinion but I really believe that this case is a lot bigger than Erin Andrews’s case mainly because there...
  2. L

    SA Social Media Trademarks on Business Website?

    Do I need permission to mention Google, Google AdWords, Facebook and LinkedIn on my business website in connection with services I offer? I am about to put my business website up. One of the services I will offer is SEO and social media marketing. Do I need permission from Facebook to mention...
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    NSW Lies About Income to Child Support Agency - What to Do?

    Hello, I just have a question. My Ex husband has once again reduced his income so his child support payments are reduced, but the thing is, he has his own business, a successful one at that, he has a factory, he rents out of where he does his business, a couple of storage sheds, staff that...