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The Land and Environment Court of New South Wales is a court within the Australian court hierarchy established pursuant to the Land and Environment Court Act 1979 (NSW) to hear environmental, development, building and planning disputes. The Court’s jurisdiction, confined to the state of New South Wales, Australia, includes merits review, judicial review, civil enforcement, criminal prosecution, criminal appeals and civil claims about planning, environmental, land, mining and other legislation.

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    NSW How Best to Find a Pro Bono Barrister?

    I have an appeal going in the Court of Appeals from a decision of the Land and Environment Court of NSW. Currently I have filed and served the Notice of Appeal on the Respondent, and am in the process of compiling the Red Book. I can't afford legal representation and while I understand the law...
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    NSW Issued a Faulty Complying Development Certificate - What to Do?

    I am an owner builder doing a granny flat development. I had a Complying Development Certificate issued by a private certifier. After my services were in place and excavations were complete, I booked a inspection certifier and I passed first inspection. Few days later, he informed me he made a...
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    NSW Development Fines to be Paid to Council - What to Do?

    We have 266 acres 30 minutes south of Canberra in Royalla. Our land was in Palerang Council, now Queanbeyan Palerang Council. In June 2015, without any prior warning, I was charged with development without development consent by council and fined $1500, for putting 2 dams and some 800m of dirt...