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"Ink and Incapability" is the second episode of the third series of the BBC sitcom Blackadder.

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  1. Perp

    QLD Protecting child from harm triggered by an application

    My partner, 34M (F for Father), and his ex-partner, 34F (M for Mother), have a 7yo D (D for daughter). F, M, and D lived in the maternal grandmother's (GM for grandmother) home from well before birth of D. GM is emotionally abusive of F, M, and D. F begs M to leave GM's home for years prior to...
  2. J

    Power of attorney clarification

    I need some help. My brother had a brain tumour and before he was operated on he made a POA for medical and financial which can be acted on when he is incapable of making decisions. He now has lung cancer and cranial swelling. He keeps telling every that I am his POA and to deal with me for...