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  1. jaxemjay

    NSW Intensive Corrections Order

    The father of my children was sentenced to 14 months ICO with rehab for family violence. Is there a way I can find out any of his other conditions To the ICO or if has done the rehab ordered? (Reason I ask is he is taking me through family court for access to children and so far has no evidence...
  2. J

    NSW ICO Court Appeal Question HELP

    Hi I was wondering if anyone could assist me on some enquires I am currently on an ICO and received another concurrent ICO recently at the local court. Is it possible to appeal the latest ICO and receive a suspended sentence? My previous solicitor informed me that you cannot receive a...
  3. J

    NSW How Effective is a Barrister for Fraud Case?

    For the sentencing of a fraud related case in local court, how much of a difference would a barrister make? I'll be pleading guilty to 2 charges while currently on an ICO to which the ICO started after the fraud charge was already in place so it wouldn't conflict with each other. My solicitor...
  4. Elliottbunny

    NSW Transfer of ICO Assessment Possible?

    My partner was convicted of a breach of a suspended sentence. The judge ordered an Intensive Correction Order (ICO) assessment to be done. We live in ACT. The offence was in NSW. Corrections have said they won't even consider assessing him because we live in ACT (which the judge knew at the...
  5. R

    Bail Variation for Husband in Rehab?

    My husband is currently in rehab for breach of 2 year suspended sentence and has been granted an Intensive Corrections Order (ICO), but whilst he remains in rehab they can't assess him. We want a bail variation to let him reside with me at home. Is this possible under criminal law, and how can...