hospitality industry

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The hospitality industry is a broad category of fields within the service industry that includes lodging, food and drink service, event planning, theme parks, and transportation. It includes hotels, restaurants and bars.

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    NSW Hours Worked Outside of Contract - Can I get Paid for Them?

    I am a business consultant in the hospitality industry. My job involves helping businesses create their business from the ground up. The contract stated that I would work 50 hours over 5-6 days each week over a 4 month trial period. However, based on the unfolding workload, I had to keep...
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    QLD Employer Didn't Pay The Annual Leave after I Quit?

    Hi! So I worked with this hospitality company for nearly 2 years ( as a qualified chef) as a part of immigration visa condition and recently terminated my contract with the mutual agreement. Although they weren't really happy about me quitting the job, I gave them enough notice of two weeks, as...
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    VIC Long Service Leave - Legal Recourse?

    Hi, I bought a business last year and the previous employer did not disclose any long service leave entitlements to 2 staff members. I am now having to sell the business and am being told to cover the full accrual of entitlement not just for the year I have owned the business. Do I have any...
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    QLD Hospitality Industry - Who Owns the Tips?

    What is the law regarding tips in the hospitality industry in Queensland? My employer has a company policy that all tips are to be pooled and split once a month. They consistently fail to do this on time. Who owns a tip? Can I legally refuse to add a tip to the jar if it is given directly to...