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GIO is a computer bus standard developed by SGI and used in a variety of their products in the 1990s as their primary expansion system. GIO was similar in concept to competing standards such as NuBus or (later) PCI, but saw little use outside SGI and severely limited the devices available on their platform as a result. Most devices using GIO were SGI's own graphics cards, although a number of cards supporting high-speed data access such as Fibre Channel and FDDI were available from third parties. Later SGI machines use the XIO bus, which is laid out as a computer network as opposed to a bus.

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  1. W

    NSW Car Insurance Claim Dispute - What to Do?

    I hit a car (Nissan 370Z, 2009 year car) from behind on 21/5/18 on Old Windsor Rd, Stanhope Gardens NSW 2768. I’m not insured and the car I hit is insured by GIO. On 29/5/18, I replied a phone call from the car insurance and admitted that I hit the car, but they didn’t tell me how much it will...
  2. Cliff888

    WA Shopping Centre Car Accident - GIO Insurance Making Me Pay for Damages?

    First I had an car accident in New Park Shopping Centre almost 9 months ago, I was slowly reversing my Mate's 4x4 Nissan 4wd. I checked both mirrors on the sides and the reversing mirror and looked out the back, and slowly started to reverse out there was nothing behind me, at least from what I...