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  1. J

    VIC Can decision makers create their own version of events to stick the decision?

    I had some crazy experiences with the VCAT and FWC. Case is against the large company. In the reasons for the decision Member: Provides false statements. (Contradicting the evidence) Omits relevant facts. Argues the case for the respondent (makes arguments not mentioned by the respondent...
  2. P

    QLD Adding new complaints after conciliation for court application

    Is it possible to add different complaints after Fair Work conciliation, in addition to the initial complaint for the Fair Work/Federal court submission? Let's say the initial complaint was quite solid and quite convincing. However, during conciliation there were issues that were highlighted...
  3. P

    QLD Lost work van, keen to claim private car under FWC general protections

    Hi all, If workplace provides a van and is happy for use as a private vehicle, and the work van is the sole and only form of transport, can a Fair Work claim under general protections ask for car registration and ongoing costs for a private car? I can't seem to find any FWC cases involving...
  4. K

    NSW FWC Conciliation Meeting Experiences

    Looks I am heading to a Conciliation meeting with FWC in a few weeks about my Unfair Dismissal claim, not a Genuine Redundancy. Has anyone else been through such a meeting ? If so, what where your experiences like ?? Anything tips or things you would have done differently or wish you had...