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    QLD Australian Citizen with Overseas (USA) Felony Conviction

    I am an Australian citizen who was sentened to a 90-day term of imprisonment for dangerous driving in the USA approximately 6 years ago. In the USA it was classified as a felony. My questions are: 1. Will this USA felony show up on a National Police Check in Australia? 2. I am getting married...
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    SA Pending Felony Case - What Is Used for Background Checks?

    Does anyone know what Fragomen uses or what Australian officers use to perform a character background check? I have on an ongoing felony case but have not been charged with anything and am wondering if they will discover it or not.
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    VIC Application of Criminal Law on Felony Murder?

    In the State of Victoria, three men (A, B, C) aged in their mid-late 20s invaded a man's (D's) home during the night brandishing a shotgun and baseball bat. Somehow that man scared them out and chased them around to the front garden where a physical altercation took place and a shotgun...