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Disclose were a Japanese punk rock band from Kōchi City, heavily influenced by Discharge. Their sound heavily replicates Discharge's style, with an increased use of fuzz and distortion guitar effects. The subject matter is also similar to Discharge, in that the songs' themes are primarily about nuclear war, and its horrific consequences. On 5 June 2007, Disclose frontman Kawakami died from an overdose of alcohol and sedative.

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    NSW Forced disclose of Private medical information?

    Can Public servants, (Police, Emergency services, Government agencies and businesses operators and employees force you to provide your private Confidential medical information at any time?
  2. U

    NSW Private car purchase, owner didn’t disclose finance

    Hi all. I purchased a car for cash. The sale was a bit rushed in my opinion. Found out a few days later car was under finance. Asked the seller he said it was being paid. Contacted finance company, they only said they want car back and can’t get in touch with original owner. I returned the car...
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    QLD How to find out a client solicitor or Conveyancer

    Does anyone know how I can find out a persons solicitor or Conveyancer is there such a thing as a register? I have requested the details so that my solicitor can get in touch and they are refusing to advise who their Solicitor or conveyancer is. Has anyone got any ideas of how I can obtain this...