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    VIC Cyber Crime - online hackers sent clients alternate bank accounts for payment

    Our company email appears to have been hacked. Shortly after sending a client an invoice, a follow up email was sent from our email address (not by us) stating our bank accounts were frozen for 'audits' & asking to wait for new account details before sending. The following day an email was...
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    NSW Homework Question - Cyberbullying Law Reform

    I have this assignment about Law Reform, so I just wanted to know the changes that had to happen from the very 1st law about cyberbullying until now. Thank You
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    NSW Negligence by BTC Markets - Where Do I Stand?

    On 10-Jan-2017, disabled the 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) of my Online Trading account which resulted in the Fraudulent transactions (by unknown party) that wiped away $16,042.08 from my online Trading account. BTC Markets support mentioned that my email account has been...