consent orders

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  1. Shabbadabbadoo

    Is weekend contact nullified when the non-custodial parent relocates within the same state?

    Hi, I have consent orders for my 2 young children..... I am the non-custodial parent (I have the kids every second weekend and half of the school) and in the process of relocating from Sydney to a regional city in NSW which is approximately a five hour drive (approximately 400km). The consent...
  2. H

    QLD Consent orders or not

    My ex-partner is going to take over the property that we purchased together, we have agreed on the sum to be paid but he is unable to secure finance for the entire amount at this point in time. I am happy for him to pay a % now and the balance within an agreed timeframe. We have a couple of...
  3. B

    NSW Contravention of final consent orders

    Hi there, There are final consent orders that state the maternal grandparents are not to attend changeovers with the children, though they have been attending every changeover since the final orders were made. On one occasion the maternal grandmother assaulted the father and tried to strangle...
  4. B

    VIC Ex refusing consent orders

    What is the usual process when 1 party refuses to sign consent orders? Quite frankly I think she is just trying to drain my money. Do we go to mediation? What would the average cost of mediation be (Couple of hours)? Knowing that it depends on how long it would last, but I'm trying to work out...
  5. J

    WA Inquiry on Lawyer Fees ?

    When I was in need of a lawyer so I phoned a few. One company asked me to send them a few documents such as consent orders, copies of my VRO. I emailed them to him, he checked out the documents and replied with some questions. I didn't respond and the legal matter was resolved a month later...
  6. D

    VIC Amending Consent Orders - Help?

    I had consent orders signed off in late 2016. Our kids spend their time predominantly with me and see their mother every second weekend + half share of school holidays. In the orders, it was included that I provide 100% transportation to and from their mother's residence. I agreed to this at...
  7. D

    QLD Does Family Court Care About Breach of Consent Orders?

    I'm self-representing (respondent) in a parenting matter and sorting through what I should and shouldn't be presenting to the court. Will the court care about ongoing breaches of Consent Orders and Family Court Orders? Examples from the Consent Orders can be as simple as: Existing...
  8. K

    QLD Mother won’t comply with parenting plan. Next steps???

    Hi everyone, So basically the mother of my 2 1/2yr old step daughter will not comply with the parenting plan. She has now officially broken it twice and tried to break it once before but ended up backing out. Keep in mind we have only gotten this parenting plan done in October and had 2 others...
  9. T

    WA Minute of proposed orders

    are there any clauses I could write in my minute of proposed orders where if things change in the future that I won’t be locked into these conditions ?
  10. T

    QLD Retrial Breach of Consent Orders

    Hi Everyone, We recently attended court as the applicant for a contravention of consent orders. In the application for contravention, our lawyer incorrectly named the location of the breach and therefore the judge stated that she could not convict the respondent due to technicalities. The judge...