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  1. L

    NSW Company Secretary for NFP and FP

    Are responsibilities of a company secretary exactly the same for non-profits and for-profits? If yes where does it say so? Thanks
  2. J

    QLD Deed of Agreement to Repay Debt - Execution Problem?

    Hi. This is the first time visiting this forum, so thanks to all readers and contributors! I have two questions that relate to a Deed of Agreement, which covers an arrangement to repay a debt. 1. The document was executed by a Director and Company Secretary of a Pty Ltd company, but I have...
  3. A

    QLD AGM - Special Resolution without Notice Valid?

    Hi, Can a special resolution be raised in the AGM without notice to shareholders before the meeting but it is agreed by all the shareholders? For the special resolution in AGM, is it prepared by the company secretary? Should it be signed by shareholders or the company secretary?