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    VIC Mother Assaulted by Uncle but Police Won't Press Charges?

    Hi all, I've signed up to this forum because I've just found out some heartbreaking and frustrating news, and would like to know what options there still may be. Around 6 weeks ago, my mother was assaulted quite badly by my uncle (her brother). He has threatened me with physical violence twice...
  2. D

    NSW centrelink fraud CDPP

    hi, has anyone else been referred to the CDPP over centrelink fraud? If you have id really appreciate if you could message me or if you feel comfortable discussing it here? I am beyond stressed about what will happen and can't find any information in regards to anyone else that has or is going...
  3. S

    SA Centrelink Fraud- unknowing partner Never discolosed to me

    Hi to all, I am new to this forum and I am seeking some sound advice. I took in a boarder as boarding and lodgings $100 P/W. He is on a disability full pension. That was early 2014 this turned to a relationship and I told him this will effect your rights to rent relief and advised he took the...
  4. A

    SA Debtors Chasing Me but No Income - What to Do?

    A few years ago. I did some things which has now resulted in me being pursued by both Pioneer and Baycorp for about 5k in total amount owing. Pioneer approached me offering to match a payment of 750 to finalise my debt with them but that kind of money would take me probably over a year to save...
  5. J

    VIC Financial Hardship - Letter of Demand for Excess Costs?

    I was involved in a car accident where the other person claims I was at fault. I have received a letter of demand from their lawyer to pay costs in excess of $10,000. I am currently on Centrelink benefits as income only and have no significant assets (ie. Car, house, etc). What should my...
  6. T

    NSW How to Get Money Back from SDRO?

    The SDRO just garnished all of the money in my account. However, almost all of $551 they took was actually bond money that was due to be paid to someone else. It was in my savings bank account, waiting to be paid to an outgoing subtenant. Evidence: - The amount in the savings account was the...
  7. P

    WA Drivers Licence Suspended - What to Do?

    Hi there, I’m just after a bit of help. I have already contacted legal aid, and haven’t gotten anywhere. I was told they cannot help me with traffic matters, and the duty lawyer won’t be able to help me on the day of court. Long story short, I drove on suspended drivers licence due to lost...
  8. C

    VIC Do I Need to Attend Magistrates Court for a Hearing?

    I have received an application to attach earnings hearing letter. Do I need to attend the hearing? I have already attended a hearing to declare my earnings but have since become unemployed due to illness and will be soon receiving Centrelink benefits. Magistrates court website says I don't...
  9. J

    VIC What will Happen if Parents Disclaim an Inheritance?

    Hello, My parents have been left an inheritance. The executor of will in control of the estate is causing us problems. My parents want to disclaim the inheritance to do away with the executor. If they do this, the inheritance then goes to the children (stated in the Will). If my parents were...
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    QLD Divorce - Centrelink Fraud and Child Support Questions

    I am getting ready for a divorce settlement. The situation is quite unique. We were married for two years, with a 6-week separation after a year following an infidelity. When the marriage ceremony occurred, my wife was released from a psychiatric ward for the wedding and honeymoon. In the 4...