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AustralianSuper is the largest Australian superannuation and pension fund, with approximately one in every ten Australian workers as members.AustralianSuper is an industry superannuation fund run only to profit members. AustralianSuper has a MySuper authority, meaning it can accept default contributions from an employer on behalf of employees who have not nominated a superannuation fund. AustralianSuper is owned by the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) and employer peak body the Australian Industry Group (Ai Group).
As of 2017, AustralianSuper had more than A$120 billion assets invested around the world, including shares, transport infrastructure, office blocks, and shopping centres; including two-thirds of London's Kings Cross Central development.
As of June 2018, AustralianSuper was managing approximately A$140 billion for 2.2 million members, growing to A$155 billion in May 2019.AustralianSuper also offers a 'Member Direct' option, allowing users greater control in selecting a portfolio of Australian shares, ETF's, term deposits and cash.

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    SA Vote of no confidence for Board of Australian Super Pty Ltd

    Can someone advise what needs to occur to put a Vote Of No Confidence for the board of Australian Super Pty Ltd? As you are probably aware, Australian Super Pty Ltd are having major issues with the upgrade of their new IT Systems. This causing major issues with members: Member inability to...
  2. Q

    VIC Early Withdrawal of Superannuation While Living Overseas?

    Hi All, I am hoping that someone has some information or experience with a similar situation and can help me as to what my options are. I am an Australian citizen living overseas. I have been living in Berlin, Germany for the last two years studying. I am not eligible for any kind of...
  3. L

    NSW Superannuation and New Account to Australian Super - Breach of Privacy?

    My previous employer moved our superannuation fund to Australian Super and an account was created for me with Australian Super. When I changed jobs, I rolled all my superannuation from Australian Super into my new employer's fund. My old account was closed. 18 months later, my previous employer...