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  1. Victoria S

    WA Easement Dispute - Who is in the Wrong?

    Generally an easement can only be extinguished by agreement, abandonment by a non-user, alterations made to the dominant tenement, unity of seisin and by statute. If I were you I would get some proper advice from a reputable property / planning & environment lawyer and see what they say because...
  2. Victoria S

    NSW Laws on a Long Term Water Easement?

    I assume the easement isn't recorded on the neighbour's title? 88K does provide an option to apply to the court for the grant of your easement, however it will cost in legal fees.
  3. Victoria S

    VIC Getting Ex to Sign Mortgage and Title Back to Me?

    I think you can do it yourself, its a matter of submitting the following documents to the SRO: Copy of the historical certificate of title. A copy of the stamped transfer to the person transfering to the spouse (i.e. your ex) A statutory declaration by your ex addressing: The capacity of the...
  4. Victoria S

    What Does Partial Police Check Disclosure Mean?

    A partial police check usually means that it won't contain offences that have been expunged or spent and therefore removed from your record. This is a type of record that you can request - its fine for most employment purposes but if you want it for immigration or certain government jobs you...
  5. Victoria S

    VIC Neighbour Threatening to Sue - How to Protect Ourselves?

    Yes, try not to think about what hasn't happened yet. :rolleyes:
  6. Victoria S

    NSW Should I Include Medicare Compensation to My Claim?

    Most likely. Has your lawyer reviewed the deed of release?
  7. Victoria S

    VIC Neighbour Threatening to Sue - How to Protect Ourselves?

    Difficult to say - could be either or could just be his solicitor investigating whether or not he has a case that is worth pursuing. There is nothing you can do really to protect yourselves legally. If he tries to sue you in civil proceedings, hopefully a judge would be able to see through it...
  8. Victoria S

    VIC Insurance Law - Taking Action Against Insurance Company?

    I agree. Insurance companies owe their clients duties of upmost good faith. Your case was clearly handled poorly.
  9. Victoria S

    QLD TPD Insurance Claim Reviewed by Board Delegate?

    Hi there, Did you ever hear back about your claim? Sorry for the delayed response.
  10. Victoria S

    VIC Will Past Offence Affect My Permanent Residency Application?

    Hi Shahzad, While your criminal history will be considered, I don't think that this prior offence when you were 16 will, on its own, cause you to fail the character test. Generally a course of behaviour showing disregard for law or authority will be sufficient to impute a poor character. A...
  11. Victoria S

    QLD Getting an Australian Visa for Mother?

    Hi jutt, There is an Aged Care visa that allows older parents to live in Australia if their child is an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen who is settled in Australia, however there can be long waiting times of up to 30 years before this type of visa is...
  12. Victoria S

    QLD Divorce - Is Marriage in Saigon Recognised in Australia?

    Hi there, If the marriage took place in accordance with the laws of Vietnam, then it will most probably be recognised in Australia and if you want to legally marry again then you will need to divorce. You can obtain a divorce from a foreign marriage in Australia if you or your spouse: regard...
  13. Victoria S

    Family Court - Get a Court Order to Emigrate with Child?

    Hi there, Are your family court proceedings happening in Australia or in another country?
  14. Victoria S

    QLD Will This Affect Australian Citizenship Application Later On?

    Do you mean, will working under a different job description affect you? No, as far as I know you can work in a different job other than that stated on your application for a 190 visa. Especially if its a higher skilled job.
  15. Victoria S

    QLD 457 Visa - Is Developer Programmer Exempt from Labour Market Testing?

    Yes, It would appear that Developer Programmer 261312 is exempt from requirement to advertise, however there may be a requirement to do skills test, depending on circumstances.