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    VIC Tested Positive for Drug Driving - Will I Go to Jail?

    Without knowing what state you are in it is impossible to answer. If your are in NSW and the lab test is positive you will receive a Court Attendance Notice. However, unless your driving was affected by the drugs in your system (and you are charged with Driving Under the Influence), then no...
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    NSW Employment Terminated Immediately - Entitled to One Week's Pay?

    No you're entitled to one weeks notice unless the dismissal was for gross or serious misconduct.
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    NSW Employment Terminated Immediately - Entitled to One Week's Pay?

    It depends whether you are casual or not. Casuals can generally be terminated without notice (ie no further shifts offered). Permanent or temporary employees are entitled to one weeks notice if they have worked 12 months or less. It also depends on the reason for termination. If it's for...
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    NSW Workplace Bullying, Unfair Dismissal and Theft of Evidence

    Hi Dave, You could: a) report the theft to the police b) make an application to the Fair Work Commission to deal with the bullying c) if you are dismissed, make an unfair dismissal application to the Fair Work Commission. You only have 21 days from the date your dusmissal takes effect to do...
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    QLD No Expiry Date on Infringement Notice - Can I Get Out of It?

    I can't see how that invalidates the ticket. You're better off paying it if you don't have a defence. Did you know it was unregistered?
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    NSW Contest RTA Decision to Suspend Drivers Licence on Good Behaviour?

    Given the facts you've supplied, there is no right of appeal against a suspension of a licence for exceeding the demerits available under a good behaviour licence. The RMS suspension was effectively postponed because of the court disqualification. The reason for this, you can only appeal...
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    NSW Falsely Accused of Theft - What are My Rights?

    Unfortunately there's not much you can do about integrity. Unless your employer starts claiming publicity that you stole money, including in relation to reference checks from prospective employers. That might give rise to a claim of defamation. What is important is that you know your rights...
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    QLD Speeding Fine - Challenge Fine as Under Limit?

    I'm not sure what the process is in Queensland, but if there is a review available you could try that. However, once the police are alerted to the problem, they will correct. Same if you elect to go to court. Basically if it was simply an error then that can be remedied by the police. If you're...
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    QLD Speeding Fine - Challenge Fine as Under Limit?

    Do you know whether you were actually speeding? Could it be that the copper has Transposed the numbers? Or has the wrong speed limit been written down?
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    NSW Unpaid Hospitality Trial and Below Minimum Wage Offer?

    It looks like some pretty serious breaches of the Fair Work Act and the relevant award going on there. Contact the union as suggested by @Tim W and possibly the FWO (although they can be a bit limited in the help they provide these days). Maybe consider contacting LawAccess for a referral to a...
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    NSW Neighbouring Fence and Retaining Wall Costs

    I'm only referring here to the Dividing Fences Act. If it supports a dividing fence it falls under the act. If it doesn't, it doesn't. However, there may be other principles that apply here (for example, easements for support). Though that's outside my area of expertise unfortunately
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    NSW Neighbouring Fence and Retaining Wall Costs

    Who is telling you you need to pay for half the costs of the retaining wall? Generally a retaining wall is not covered by the Dividing Fences Act (and so not subject to payment of equal shares by neighbours) unless the retaining wall supports the dividing fence.
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    NSW Speeding Fines NSW - How to Challenge Police?

    Depending on how much time you have to elect to go to court, I would contact the officer who charged you and see if theY had in car video (ICV) in the police car. If so, then you can ask to view it and see if it looks like you were speeding.
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    NSW International Student in Car Accident on Highway - What to Do?

    @JANE0_0 I think your friend will need to see a lawyer to find out: 1. If there is a defence to the claim, 2. If the amount claimed is fair and reasonable. Under debt collection guidelines, a debt company should not continually hound someone if they dispute the debt. So your friend needs...