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    Adrenaline Australia - Skydiving Gift Voucher Price Change

    Hi. I was given a skydiving gift voucher for Adrenaline Australia experience which was for $230 at the time and so was my brother in law. The gift voucher states it is valid for 3 years. However, they can change the prices on the gift voucher after 12 months for the skydiving. We now have to pay...
  2. B

    VIC Australian Consumer Law - Shop Refused to Gift Refund

    Hey there, I recently went to a store to buy a product which cost $500. The store did not have stock in this product and recommended for me to preorder one for when the next batch came in. They also said to try my luck at another store of theirs. I went to this store and they fortunately had...
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    VIC Expired Gift Voucher - Does the Retailer Have to Honour It?

    My question is, if a gift voucher has expired, does the retailer legally have to honour it under Australian Consumer Law?