QLD road reserve or gazetted road and who does repairs

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flea 20

Active Member
13 October 2021
hi.. have a property in qld where the road in front was straightent in the 1950s leaving no car entry to my property due to a high embankment ,in 1986 a small portion of property next door was resumed by the council for rd use and is on the survey maps , prior to which the car access was in the same spot but on next doors property , it was tar sealed at the same time of resumption or not long after by the council ...this rd is about 100-120 meters long and realisticly only can only be used by me , in the 2o yrs iv owned the property the council has repaired potholes twice , the road has now developed more potholes and also needs resealing , the council is now saying its a road reserve and its now up to me to do any and all maintainance... on survey map says area surrendered for road purposes from mhpl //// and its 157sq meters on 28 1 1986 the said mhpl being next door property along our common boundry .. the now access is coming off a council road , is this a road reserve or a gazetted road and is it the councils legal resonsability to carry out repairs