NSW Online gambling casino legal?

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Concerned Gambler

New Member
11 June 2017

I deposited online at an illegal offshore (I did not know they were illegal at the time as they said they accept Aussies) casino. I have lost a sizable sum. Are there any remedies to have the deposit returned?

They were supposed to have a mandatory KYC once you deposit over a certain amount. Which they failed to do.

As they are an illegal online casino, can I file a chargeback against the casino processing illegal activity? Or what other remedies do I have?


Well-Known Member
31 October 2015
I commented the other day that the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill 2016 went through the 3rd reading at the Senate on the 20 March 2017. The Bill as I read it is aiming at providing stronger powers to stop illegal offshore gambling and I don't believe those powers are there yet. I also don't know if they will be retrospective. I honestly don't know if there is anything you can do but my gut feeling is probably not.


8 September 2020
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