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QLD Government Undertaker Sent Bill of Transfer - Am I Liable?

Discussion in 'Wills and Estate Planning Law Forum' started by Colray, 4 September 2015.

  1. Colray

    Colray Member

    4 September 2015
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    My husband passed away at home from a massive heart attack. I called 000 as this was taking place, the ambulance and police came. I did not know an undertaker so the police called the government contracted undertakers and then our doctor was notified (they thought it may have to be a coronal because my doctor was on holiday, but fortunately he was at home) and a certificate was issued.

    The next day I decided not to use the undertaker for his services, and contacted another undertaker to take care of my late husband. He collected my late husband from the government undertaker and was taken to his premises. This all occurred in May.

    I recently got a call from the government undertaker who said that they had been sending a bill of transfer to the undertaker I had chosen, and was not being paid, and said that I was liable for the account.

    My question is why haven't they sent the account to me previously? And am I liable for the bill of transfer?
  2. Therese

    Therese Well-Known Member

    11 October 2015
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    Hi Colray,

    My understanding is that when you use services you are expected to pay for the account.

    However I understand in these circumstances you chose to use a different undertaker; although the government undertaker may still be able to bill you for something as they were involved.

    Have you asked them why the account was not sent to you before now? It is an extended period but you may still be liable to pay the bill.

    I would contact legal aid, consumer affairs or even a solicitor to find out exactly what your rights are in this situation.
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    JOEL SYKES Member

    9 May 2016
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    Hi there.

    The government undertaker is the policies first point of contact when deceased is believed to be a coronial matter. At times where a cause of death certificate cannot be issued by the deceased doctor, the government undertaker must take the deceased to the to the coronial support centre. Whereas if there is a C.O.D certificate being issued the undertaker can transfer the deceased back to their premises. The family has the decision on which funeral director they choose to use.

    As for the billing. As a government undertaker, you are on call 24hrs a day after hours are those not between 8am to 5pm so the bill is issued as an after hours transfer. If you choose a different funeral director to the government undertaker, the government undertaker then bills the other funeral company and then they bill you. Hopefully, this helps.

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