De Facto Property Settlement - Family Law Claim?

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    1 June 2014
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    I was in a De Facto relationship for nearly 8 years. I left in 2001. We had a house together and many other assests. He gave me $20k to get myself set up but then made me pay $10k to buy one of our assests back from him. At the time I was not willing to take him for a fair percentage of what I was entitled to as it would leave him in financial hardship. However, I am now finding myself in finicial hardship and unable to afford a home of my own while he currently sits in the one we owned together.

    My question is can I apply to the courts now under special circumstances for property settlement to claim a fair share of what I was entitled to?

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    25 April 2014
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    Hi Ruby,

    Did you come to a formal legally binding property settlement agreement back then? Or was it an informal decision?
    If you have already come to a binding agreement, then you'd need to get specific advice from a family lawyer about what, if anything could be done.
    For some relevant information, have a look at the Family Law Courts pages:
    Which State are you located in? If you're in WA, then you'd look at the Family Court of Western Australia "De facto relationships" page rather than those in the points above.
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