Trophies Awarded to Vadim

  1. 50
    Awarded: 5 September 2018

    Janet King Award

    Awarded for posting 20 messages. Just like Janet King, you seek justice and to get to the truth of matters. (Hopefully you’ll stay on longer than Crownies!)

  2. 40
    Awarded: 9 August 2018

    Budding Advocate Award

    With 15 messages posted, you’re a budding advocate for legal justice.

  3. 30
    Awarded: 11 July 2018

    Silver Logie Award

    Awarded for posting 5 messages. No acting on Neighbours required.

  4. 1
    Awarded: 10 July 2018

    Bradbury Award

    You won by simply posting a message on even though nobody bet on you to win!