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Create a clear agreement covering how your company will be managed!

Whether you’re starting a new startup business or you’re investing in an existing company, as a shareholder (or co-owner) you are responsible for the successful management of the company.

Having a written shareholders agreement in place is essential for protecting the company and setting a path for success, especially when one shareholder is no longer able or willing to be involved.

What you get

This professional drafted Shareholders Agreement (Buy Sell) Kit complies with the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) and can be reused as often as you need. It includes:

  1. Shareholders Agreement template (Buy Sell)
  2. Helpful tips for preparing yourShareholders Agreement
  3. Easy to follow instructions
  4. Customer support if you need it

There is also a separate optional lawyer review available.

Benefits of a having a written Shareholders Agreement

Would your business survive if one of your business partners became permanently disabled or died?

A Shareholders Agreement regulates shareholders’ rights and sets out how you’ll manage and operate the company. It covers a number of issues, such as:

  • The shareholders’ objectives in establishing the company.
  • Contribution to capital funding.
  • Meetings and voting rights.
  • Shareholder responsibilities and liabilities.
  • Process to follow if a shareholder wants to sell shares in the event of an exit, retirement, death or disability.
  • Process to be followed if there’s a shareholder dispute.

Importantly, this Shareholder Buy Sell Agreement deals with the difficult situation and provides security if a shareholder dies or suffers a disability or illness that renders them unable to fulfil their position (Trigger Event) by having the shareholders agree to maintain life insurance to cover Trigger Events.

The shareholders can also require the other shareholders to buy their share in the company and the other shareholders can have the option to buy or sell that share if there’s a Trigger Event. This reduces the possibility of unwanted involvement from external parties.

Its important to regularly review your Shareholders Agreement to make sure it accurately reflects the current business needs and any changes that have occurred. Once you’ve completed the Shareholders Agreement, schedule in a bi-yearly review checkup in your calendar.


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