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DIY Loan Agreement setting out clear responsibilities to borrow and loan money!

Is a family member or friend asking you to lend them money through a personal loan?

Have you heard all the stories about people not repaying the money they owe? Avoid the nightmare.

A clear loan agreement protects you and sets out the rights und responsibilities under the loan so you can still recoup the loan amount you if the borrower defaults under the loan.

What you get – Loan Agreement Template Kit

This Secured Loan Agreement template kit:

  1. is professionally drafted
  2. is PPSA legally compliant
  3. can easily be modified to suit your needs
  4. can be reused as often as you need
  5. includes an easy to follow user guide
  6. ALSO INCLUDED: a Simple Loan Agreement that may be preferred in some circumstances

Benefits of having a written loan agreement

Get a written Loan Agreement in place to reduce the chance of a misunderstanding happening and causing a rift in your relationship.

This Secured Loan Agreement template sets out the terms under which “the lender” will lend money to “the borrower”.

It contains all the terms required to create a loan and clearly document the property offered as security for the loan in the event of default so the lender can register their interest on the personal property security register (PPSR) and comply with the Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (PPSA).

You, as the lender, are able to protect your interests and borrower is able to clearly understand their responsibilities.

You can’t afford not to have a paper trail, the secured loan agreement clearly sets out essential terms such as:

  • the amount and term of the loan,
  • the borrower’s repayment schedule, and
  • what will happen if the borrower fails to make the repayments due under the loan on time.

Important: this Secured Loan Agreement is not suitable for consumer credit transactions or where the security is land or buildings.


$75 for the Secured Loan Agreement template kit.

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