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Do you want to lease out your own retail shop in Western Australia?

Create a retail lease that enables you to lease out your retail shop in Western Australia in a professional and legally compliant manner.

Clearly set out the rights and responsibilities of tenant and landlord to foster positive business relationships.

What you get – Retail Lease Kit

This easy to use Retail Lease Kit WA includes everything you need for leasing your retail shop in Western Australia:

  1. Professionally drafted WA Retail Lease Agreement template (which you can edit and reuse as needed)
  2. Disclosure Statement
  3. Example Retail Lease and Disclosure Statement
  4. User-friendly Getting Started and Help Guide
  5. Support if you need help

Benefits of having a written lease

This Retail Lease Kit for Western Australia will enable you to successfully establish a clear, professional relationship with your retail tenant. As a landlord of a retail shop, you must have a proper written lease agreement in place to comply with the Commercial Tenancy (Retail Shops) Agreement Act 1985 (WA).

Protect your investment, comply with Western Australian retail tenancy laws and save on lawyer fees.

You can ensure that important terms are clear such as:

  • the amount of rent to be paid,
  • when rent is to be paid,
  • the length of the lease,
  • whether there is an option to renew the lease,
  • the tenant’s and landlord’s responsibilities.

This Retail Lease Kit can be used for most shops in Western Australia. Its not intended for retail shopping centres. If you need a non-retail lease, you can use a Commercial Lease Kit – WA.

The retail lease comes in an easy to use template that can be edited and reused as often as you like.


$129.95 for the entire Retail Lease Kit for Western Australia.

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