Prenuptial Agreement and Post Nuptial Agreement - Family Law Legal Documents

For couples who intend to get married!

Are you and your partner intending to get married?

You deserve a clear written agreement setting out how you would like your assets to be divided if you decide to separate.

What you get – Prenuptial Agreement Kit

This comprehensive Prenuptial Agreement Kit complies with section 90B of the Family Law Act 1975 and includes professionally drafted:

  1. Prenuptial Agreement template (a prenuptial agreement is a binding financial agreement)
  2. Easy to follow instructions
  3. Sample agreement and clauses
  4. Customer support

Benefits of a Prenuptial Agreement

This Prenuptial Agreement Kit enables you to clearly set out how your assets and liabilities will be divided if your relationship breaks down or ends.

This takes away a great deal of stress and uncertainty if that event occurs, and also fosters open communication about important financial and family matters from the outset of your relationship. You can do most of the work yourself and save on legal fees by following the instructions in this kit.

You must get independent advice to make the Prenuptial Agreement binding

It is wise to formalise your prenuptial agreement more than two weeks before your wedding. Entering into a prenuptial agreement within two weeks of your wedding may be considered to go toward undue influence.

If time is short, you can make a Post Nuptial Agreement after your wedding once you’re married.

Each party must receive independent legal advice before signing the prenuptial agreement to ensure that you fully understand the agreement and to make the agreement a legally binding financial agreement.

You can arrange for a family lawyer to review your prenuptial agreement and provide you with confirmation that you’ve fulfilled the legal advice component at a reasonable fixed cost.


$129.95 for the entire Prenuptial Agreement Australia Kit.


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