Prenuptial Agreement and Post Nuptial Agreement - Family Law Legal Documents

For married couples intending to stay together!

Are you married and intend to stay together, but want to preserve individual property, business interests, an inheritance or other assets and set out how they’d be divided if the marriage were to end?

Do you want to ensure that you have more certainty, reduce any stress around property settlement (assets and liabilities) and avoid costly litigation?

What you get – Post Nuptial Agreement Kit

This Post Nuptial Agreement kit has been professionally drafted to address those areas and comply with s90C of the Family Law Act 1975. It includes:

  1. Post Nuptial Financial Agreement Template
  2. Easy to understand instructions
  3. Sample agreements and clauses
  4. Friendly customer support

A Post Nuptial Agreement is made after you’ve already married, whereas a Prenuptial Agreement is for before you marry.

Benefits of a Post Nuptial Agreement

Sitting down with your husband or wife now means that you can amicably and logically decide what will work best for both of you.

If you’re in a de facto relationship, then please use:

You must get independent advice to make the Post Nuptial Agreement binding

Both parties must get independent legal advice before signing the Post Nuptial Agreement for it to be binding.

Once you complete the post nuptial agreement template following the instructions, you can engage a family lawyer to review your agreement and fulfil the legal advice component at a reasonable cost.


$129.95 for the entire Post Nuptial Agreement Kit.


If you have any questions about this Post Nuptial Agreement Kit, you can speak to one of our friendly Client Care Specialists on 1300529827.

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