Post Divorce Kit - Family Law Legal Documents

For couples to settle financial matters after divorce

Have you obtained a divorce, but haven’t sorted the split between you and your partner for assets like property and superannuation? Get it sorted right now.

This Post Divorce Kit is for after divorce to finalise and settle all financial matters in dispute between you and your former partner, such as:

  • spousal maintenance,
  • splitting assets (including superannuation),
  • splitting debts.

What you get – Post Divorce Kit

This Post Divorce Kit complies with section 90D of the Family Law Act 1975 and includes professionally drafted:

  1. Divorce Settlement Agreement template
    Two versions:
    (1) Sale of Property
    (2) Transfer of Property
  2. Easy to follow instructions
  3. Sample agreements and clauses
  4. Bonus Will Kit.

Benefits of a Divorce Settlement Agreement

Benefits of reaching an amicable and timely property settlement:

  • You decide how you’ll divide your joint assets and liabilities, rather than having the court decide for you.
  • Reduce or avoid the significant financial, emotional and time cost of court proceedings.
  • Foster open communication to more effectively resolve any conflict with your former partner.

If you’re in a de facto relationship (not married) in:

  1. Western Australia, then use the De Facto Separation Agreement Kit – WA,
  2. the rest of Australia, then use the De Facto Separation Agreement Kit – Australia except WA.

If you’re separating but not yet divorced, then use the Separation Agreement Kit – Australia.

Going through a divorce is a time of change in your life, that’s why a bonus will kit is included so that you can reassess and create a new will to reflect your new situation.

You must get independent advice for the Agreement to be binding

Each party must receive independent legal advice before signing the agreement (to ensure that you fully understand what you’re agreeing to).

You can engage a family lawyer to review your agreement and fulfil the legal advice requirement at an affordable fixed rate.


$199 for the entire Post Divorce Kit (including Bonus Will Kit).


If you have any questions about this Post Divorce Kit, you can speak to one of our friendly Client Care Specialists on 1300529827.

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