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DIY Letter of Demand – You don’t need a debt collection agency!

Have an unpaid invoice, unpaid wages, unpaid rent, unpaid personal loan or unpaid security deposit?

Don’t allow people who owe you money to ignore their obligations – send them a professionally drafted letter of demand that will get their attention.

What you get – Letter of Demand Kit

This Letter of Demand Kit includes 2 different templates:

1. ‘Soft’ version of the Letter of Demand

Use this version if you believe there is still an opportunity to negotiate your payment and you want to maintain a good relationship with the person who owes you money (for example, a client with whom you have a long-standing relationship and further debts are unlikely to accrue).

2.  ‘Hard’ version of the Letter of Demand

Use this version if you want to enforce your payment and make a Final Demand to be paid within a specified number of days. No negotiation.

Benefits of a letter of demand

A letter of demand is a quick and easy to do-it-yourself to seek payment of money that is owed to you.

Due to its formal nature, a letter of demand tends to get results, without having to lodge a claim in Court.

Remember, debt collection agencies are expensive and they won’t chase small debts. And lawyers are very expensive and might be the wrong way to handle a customer who you want to have a continuing relationship with provided that they pay you what is owed.

The purpose of a letter of demand is to get your money in the quickest and affordable way possible so that you can get back to focussing on your business or work and enjoying your life.


$59 + GST for the Letter of Demand Template Kit.

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