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DIY – Create a clear independent contractor agreement!

Do you need to hire an independent contractor or specialist consultant?

A contractor can fill a gap within your business with the that help it needs, without you having to commit to ongoing wages.

What you get – Independent Contractor Agreement

Use this Independent Contractor Agreement (Sole Trader) Kit when you need to hire an independent contractor who is a sole trader (an individual). If your independent contractor is a company, please use the Independent Contractor Agreement (Company) Kit.

This professionally drafted Independent Contractor Agreement (Sole Trader) template has easy-to-follow instructions and you can edit and use as often as you need.

Protect your business with a written agreement

This Independent Contractor Agreement (Sole Trader) Kit has been professionally drafted to spell out the exact terms of engagement, rights and obligations of the independent contractor and the engaging business to ensure that both parties understand and reduce misunderstandings or conflict in the future.

Ensuring that relationships and responsibilities are clear and in writing at the outset means that disputes are less likely to arise down the track. Disputes are not only emotionally stressful, but can take your attention away from your business and negatively affect your profits.

Whether you’re a technology company, manufacturing company, retail business or professional services firm, having a written independent contractor agreement in place provides protection and certainty.

This Independent Contractor Agreement (Sole Trader) Kit protects your business with the contractor agreeing to restraint, confidentiality and intellectual property clauses. Your intellectual property and confidentiality is paramount when you’re allowing external contractors into your business to complete what may include sensitive projects.


$69.95 for this Independent Contractor Agreement (Sole Trader) Kit, which you can use again and again.

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