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DIY – Create a clear independent contractor agreement with a company!

Do you need to hire an independent contractor or specialist company to provide your business with the that help it needs, without committing to ongoing wages?

An independent contractor can fill a skills shortage or come in for a specific project that your business may not be able to fulfil itself.

What you get – Independent Contractor Agreement Kit

Use this Independent Contractor Agreement Kit when you need to hire an independent contractor who is a company (a corporate contractor).

Complying with Australian employment law is easier than you might think with this professionally drafted Independent Contractor Agreement Kit. It has:

  • easy to follow instructions, and
  • independent contractor agreement template, which you can edit and use as often as you need (as and when you want to hire further specialist contractors in the future).

If your contractor is a sole trader or individual, please use the Independent Contractor Agreement (Sole Trader) Kit.

Protect yourself with a clear independent contractor agreement

Ensure that expectations and entitlements are clear and reduce any misunderstanding or conflict in the future.

As a business owner, you want to know that your business is protected and the contractor wants to ensure that they’ll get the agreed entitlements for the work that they complete.

Whether you’re an online business, operate in manufacturing, or you’re in retail or professional services, a written independent contractor agreement that clearly sets out rights and responsibilities provides protection to all parties involved.

This Independent Contractor Agreement (Company) Kit defines the terms of engagement of the services of the independent contractor. It protects the company or payer and includes restraint, confidentiality and IP protection terms.


$69.95 for this Independent Contractor Agreement (Company) Kit.

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