Holiday Rental Agreement Template Kit - Property Law Legal Documents

DIY – Manage your own holiday rental property!

This is the complete holiday rental kit with all the legal documents and practical information you need to run your holiday rental as a professional business.

It empowers you to run your holiday rental as a professional business and successfully manage your guests.

What you get

Do you have a beach house, city apartment or bush bungalow in Australia that you’d like to make money from on a regular basis?

Managing your own holiday rental property can be bring you a greater financial reward for your effort than using a real estate agent.

This is the complete holiday rental package with everything you’ll need to get started and maintain a professional standard for how you manage your holiday rentals and on the path to consistently successful relationships with your guests:

  • Holiday Rental Agreement template.
  • Holiday Rental Inspection Checklist.
  • Helpful Tips Guide (covering important issues such as advertising, landlords insurance and tax implications).
  • Online videos and phone support if you need help completing the legal documents.
  • Property Manager Contract (if you decide to hire someone to manage your property or properties, then you can clearly set out their responsibilities in writing). If you manage your rental yourself, then you won’t need a manager, but you may choose to grow your rental business in the future and use a property manager at that point.

The templates are designed to be used as many times as you need. Simply edit the guest information and stay details for each booking.

Benefits of having a written holiday rental agreement

Using a Holiday Rental Agreement ensures your guests understand the terms and conditions for your property.

A written agreement means that you’ll be protecting yourself if your guests cancel, or if your guests damage your holiday rental or the property inside your it (for example, they break the TV or smash a window).


$159 + GST for the entire Holiday Rental Agreement Template Kit.

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