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Create a clear full time employment contract between employer and employee!

Do you want to employ someone full time?

This Full Time Employment Contract Template Kit is suitable for all employees employed full time under a modern award where the standard award entitlements apply.

What you get – Employment Contract Template Kit

All employment contracts, whether based on an award or not, must cover the ten National Employment Standards. You have flexibility to negotiate with an individual employee as long as you can demonstrate that he or she is better off overall as a result of the employment bargain you strike.

This easy-to-use Full Time Employment Contract Template Kit contains:

  1. all of the terms required to comply with the Fair Work Act 2009,
  2. a copy of the Fair Work information statement which must be given to every new employee,
  3. a comprehensive instruction sheet, and
  4. the full time employment contract template (that can be used as often as you like, as or when you have new full time employees join your business).

Protect yourself with a written employment contract

You can protect yourself against an employment dispute or a claim that an employee may make about employment entitlements by entering into a clear, written employment contract.

Unlike a verbal agreement that may be prone to uncomfortable and incorrect ‘he said, she said’ arguments, a written employment contract places clear boundaries on the employment relationship and clarifies:

  • what is expected of the employer and the employee, and
  • applicable employment entitlements.

You can easily employ and professionally manage full time employees yourself with this Full Time Employment Contract Template Kit.


$69.95 for the Full Tim Employment Contract Template Kit.

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