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Create a clear non compete and employee confidentiality agreement!

Do you want to make sure your confidential information is protected if your employees leave?

Now you can easily and affordably do it yourself.

At some point in time, you will have an employee move on from your business.

Protect your business with this kit by ensuring that employees keep your confidential information private and do not compete with your business during or after they leave their employment.

What you get – Employee confidentiality agreement kit

This employee confidentiality agreement (NDA template) and non compete agreement prohibits an employee from competing with their employer once they cease to be employed by the employer.

In addition, under this confidentiality and non compete agreement, the employee agrees to not disclose confidential information gained during employment.

This professionally drafted employee confidentiality agreement and NDA template is easy to use and can be used time after time, just insert the new information!

Benefits of having an employee confidentiality agreement

One of the key benefits of having a confidentiality agreement in place is that you can agree on what is confidential information and how you will deal with it from the very outset of your professional relationship.

With a written agreement, both the employer and the employee know where they stand and what they can and can’t do.

Don’t rely on verbal assurances. Its quicker than you might think to complete the employee confidentiality agreement template yourself – you can edit and adapt it to suit your current business situation and needs.

Save time and money now, and in the future if there’s a dispute.

A clear employee confidentiality agreement also provides protection in the event that the other party to the agreement does not deal with confidential information in the way you had agreed.

Even if you trust your employees implicitly and there are no future misunderstandings, having a confidentiality agreement in place is essential to protect your business and give you peace of mind.


$37.50 for the Employee Confidentiality Agreement and Non Compete Template.

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