Separation Agreement - Family Law Legal Documents

For de facto couples in WA going through separation

Are you in a de facto relationship (heterosexual or same sex) in Western Australia and you intend to end the relationship or have already separated?

Come to an agreement with your former partner about how you would like your assets to be divided, and move forward without prolonged arguments or misunderstandings.

What you get – De Facto Separation Agreement Kit WA

This De Facto Separation Agreement Kit complies with section 205ZP the Family Court Act 1997 (WA) and includes:

  1. De Facto Separation Agreement (Binding Financial Agreement) template
  2. Easy to follow instruction manual
  3. Sample agreements and clauses
  4. BONUS Will Kit

Benefits of a Separation Agreement

This kit enables de facto couples to finalise all financial matters in dispute between them, including spousal maintenance, child maintenance and the division of assets, in an amicable way.

This reduces uncertainty, wasted time and financial and emotional stress because you avoid litigation, decide the outcome between yourselves rather than a court deciding for you and move forward toward an amicable property settlement.

If you’re already married, then please use the Separation Agreement Kit – Australia.

If you’re living in any other State other than WA, then use De Facto Separation Agreement Kit – Australia except WA.

You must get independent advice for the Separation Agreement to be binding

The De Facto Separation Agreement is only binding if both parties get independent legal advice prior to signing the agreement (and receive a certificate confirming that separate legal advice was given).

You can engage a family lawyer to review your separation agreement and confirm that you’ve fulfilled the legal advice component at a reasonable cost.


$129.95 for the entire De Facto Separation Agreement Kit.

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