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Easily create your own Confidentiality Agreement!

Are you entering into discussions to do business with potential investors, business partners, consultants or a company that may be a competitor?

Protect your ideas and confidential information with an easy to use Confidentiality Agreement (also known as Non-Disclosure Agreement or NDA) Template.

What you get – 3 Confidentiality Agreement Templates

A Confidentiality Agreement, also know as a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), protects sensitive information (including your intellectual property). You can have a Confidentiality Agreement with potential investors in your business, contractors, manufacturing suppliers, employees, personal advisors, etc.

Includes confidentiality agreement templates for three different levels of confidentiality protection:

1. Full Agreement

Best confidentiality protection. A complete confidentiality agreement for when you’re ready to move your preliminary discussions forward to getting a deal done. For example, if another company wants to acquire your company and you would like to entertain discussions while protecting yourself from a legal standpoint if the deal doesn’t go ahead.

2. Letter Version

Good confidentiality protection. For when you have the time to get signatures for formal confirmation of your confidentiality agreement.

3. Email Version

A short confidentiality email. Effective for initial discussions and when you have to have a fast turnaround before a meeting.

All versions are easy to use and you will save you legal fees by taking a small amount of time to do it yourself properly to protect your business’ confidential information.

Plus, you’ll also receive extensive instruction videos and phone support is available when you’re completing the agreement.

Of course, there are always good intentions when business relationships are starting out and most of the time, both parties do the right thing. However, a confidentiality agreement can deter signatories to the agreement from doing the wrong thing, and if someone does do the wrong thing by you, then you have rights under the agreement.


$159 + GST for the entire Confidentiality Agreement Kit.

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