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Do you want to lease out your commercial property in Tasmania?

You can do it yourself with this Commercial Lease Agreement Kit.

Easily set out the terms for leasing your commercial space in Tasmania.

Create clear expectations and a professional relationship with your commercial tenant.

What you get – Commercial Lease Agreement Tasmania

This Commercial Lease Agreement is suitable for leasing most types of commercial property, such as office space, warehouses or industrial property in Tasmania.

Are you a:

  • property developer,
  • landlord, or
  • self managed superannuation fund (SMSF) trustee where the relationship with the tenant must be documented?

then this commercial lease agreement kit will help you protect your interests and establish a good relationship with your tenant.

The commercial lease agreement is conveniently formatted in an editable Word document with easy to use instructions that you can follow to create and manage your own commercial lease as well as a solid landlord-tenant relationship.

This commercial lease agreement kit ensures that you cover important commercial lease terms, such as:

  • the permitted use of the leased premises
  • when and how rent will be paid
  • what happens if rent isn’t paid on time
  • the duration of the commercial lease
  • any option to renew the lease
  • the amount of the tenant’s security deposit and when the landlord may use it
  • insurance obligations (to protect from unexpected costs in the event of an accident)
  • tenant’s rights and obligations (including maintenance)
  • landlord’s rights and obligations.

Consumer Affairs Tasmania deals with tenancy issues relating to commercial properties in Tasmania.

If you want to lease a retail shop, use the Retail Lease Kit – TAS.


$79.95 for the Commercial Lease Agreement TAS Kit.

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