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Set out your child support arrangements now!

Are you a parent? Separating from your partner can be complicated and emotionally-challenging, especially when children are involved.

If you separate from your partner or get a divorce, you will need to ensure that your child or children are appropriately supported (financially and emotionally).

This Child Support Agreement kit enables parents to clearly document child support arrangements so that you can both be on the same page.

It empowers you to focus and agree on child support arrangements that are in the best interests of the child.

Having a written agreement in place also reduces the potential for misunderstanding or conflict in the future.

Benefits of a Child Support Agreement

The benefits of coming to an agreement between yourselves:

  • you decide what child support arrangements best suit you and your children,
  • avoid the financial burden and emotional stress of court proceedings,
  • encourage more constructive communication with your ex partner to benefit your children.

What you get

This professionally drafted, easy to use Child Support Agreement kit includes:

  1. Limited Child Support Agreement.
  2. Binding Child Support Agreement.
  3. Shared Parenting Plan.

This Child Support Agreement covers the financial support considerations. The Parenting Plan covers other day to day aspects of caring for your children, such as the time that children will spend with each of their parents, where they will live, and school and holiday arrangements.

Limited Child Support Agreement

This is a written agreement signed by both parents. Parents aren’t required to get legal advice before signing this agreement, but they must:

  • get a child support assessment from the Child Support Agency, and
  • any amounts payable under the Agreement must be equal to, or more than, the payments specified in the child support assessment.

Binding Child Support Agreement

This is also written and signed by both parents, but both parents must get:

  • independent legal advice before signing or to end the agreement,
  • a Certificate of Advice from their lawyer and the Agreement must also include an acknowledgement of this advice.

You can engage a family lawyer to review your agreement and fulfil the legal advice requirement at a reasonable cost.

There is more flexibility with the Binding Child Support Agreement because:

  • a child support formula assessment doesn’t have to already be in place,
  • parents can agree on the amount of financial support, which can be less than the formula assessment, and
  • the Binding Child Support Agreement can only be ended by a new binding agreement or by being set aside by a court order.

There is more information on these two types of agreements and instruction on which one to use in the Child Support Agreement kit.


$119.95 for the entire Child Support Agreement Kit.


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