Binding Financial Agreement Kit - Family Law Legal Documents

For de facto couples before moving in together!

Are you thinking of moving in with your partner?

You deserve a clear written agreement setting out your position as de facto partners and how you would like assets to be divided and children to be cared for if you decide to separate.

What you get – Binding Financial Agreement (De Facto Pre Cohabitation) Kit

This Binding Financial Agreement (De Facto Pre Cohabitation) Kit for all of Australia, except Western Australia, complies with section 90UB of the Family Law Act and includes:

  1. Binding Financial Agreement template (De Facto Pre Cohabitation)
  2. Easy to use instruction manual
  3. Sample agreements and clauses
  4. BONUS Will Kit

If you’re intending to get married, then please use a Prenuptial Agreement Kit.

Benefits of a Binding Financial Agreement

If you ever do separate, you can refer to your Binding Financial Agreement. This reduces your stress as you avoid going to court to settle property and maintenance issues.

Creating a Binding Financial Agreement allows you to communicate openly and honestly with your partner and hopefully continue discussing important issues together throughout your relationship. Agreeing on issues earlier on in the relationship tends to ensure a fair outcome for both partners.

Note: If you live in Western Australia, then use either:

For the rest of Australia, use this kit if you’re not living together. If you’re already living together, then use the Binding Financial Agreement (De Facto Living Together) Kit.

You must get independent legal advice for the Agreement to be binding

Each party must receive independent legal advice before signing the agreement (to ensure that you fully understand what you’re agreeing to).

You can engage a family lawyer to review your binding financial agreement and provide you with a certificate confirming that you’ve satisfied the legal advice component at a reasonable cost.


$129.95 for the entire Binding Financial Agreement (De Facto Pre Cohabitation) kit.


If you have any questions about this Binding Financial Agreement Kit, you can speak to one of our friendly Client Care Specialists on 1300529827.

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