WorkCover NSW – Who Do You Contact?

WorkCover NSW – Who Do You Contact?

In late 2015, the functions of WorkCover NSW were assumed by three new organisations:

  1. Safework NSW.
  2. SIRA.
  3. Icare.

Organisations that assumed WorkCover NSW

Safework NSW

Safework is the New South Wales’ workplace health and safety regulator. They provide guidance on work health and safety matters, provide licence and registration for hazardous work and investigate workplace incidents. Safework NSW also enforces work health and safety laws.


The State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) is responsible for regulating motor accidents compulsory third party and workers compensation insurance. SIRA also regulates the home building compensation fund in NSW.


Icare (Insurance & Care NSW) delivers insurance and care services to people under the NSW Workers Compensation Scheme. If a person is seriously injured in the workplace or on the roads, Icare provides support for their long-term care needs to improve quality of life outcomes. This also includes helping people return to work.

Icare Injury reporting and claims are broken down into the following categories:

  • Work injury damages.
  • Motor accident injury applications.
  • Dust diseases applications.
  • Sporting injury claims.
  • Volunteer injuries.

How to notify Icare when you’ve been injured at work

For a person injured at work or in the course of undertaking work the following needs to be done to ensure your employer can make a claim on your behalf.

The first thing is to inform your employer. Your employer should provide first aid if needed and help you get further medical treatment. Your employer should also provide you with their workers insurance details.

Government employees will have their employer report the incident on their behalf. Non-Government employers will need to notify their current Insurer or EML (the Icare claims partner) of any injury or significant illness within 48 hours. You can also report the incident to your employer’s insurer and this may be a requirement of your company injury reporting policy. If your employer has failed to notify EML, you or a nominated representative can contact them directly.

hen making a claim through Icare to EML you will need to provide an injured person lodgement form along with a NSW Workers Compensation certificate of capacity which is provided by your doctor on request.

Further information and the injured person lodgement form can be found on the Icare website.

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