Superannuation Payments - Are You Being Paid?

Superannuation Payments – Are You Being Paid?

Under Australian law, employers must pay at least 9.5% of an eligible employee’s salary as superannuation payments into their superannuation account. This is called the superannuation guarantee.

You can check if your employer is making superannuation payments and the amount by calling your superannuation fund or checking your superannuation member statement.

If you find that your employer is failing to make your superannuation payments, it’s important to look into the issue. You could be short-changed when it comes to funding your retirement and you may also be missing out on life and disablement insurance through your superannuation fund. This is because your insurance may be discontinued if you’re not receiving payments from an employer into your superannuation fund.

Are you eligible for superannuation payments?

Not everyone is eligible for superannuation payments. Generally, if you earn at least $450 a month, you should be paid superannuation, even if you work part time, are employed in a family business or are a temporary resident.

An additional requirement applies of working for at least 30 hours a week if you’re under age 18 or a private or domestic worker, such as a nanny or housekeeper.

Find out when you should’ve been paid your superannuation

If you’re eligible and haven’t received your full superannuation from your employer, check when your payment was due. Most employers are required to pay superannuation quarterly, with payments being made before 28 January, 28 April, 28 July and 28 October.

If your superannuation is missing, speak to your employer

If your superannuation payment is overdue, first speak with your employer. Sometimes mistakes can happen and chances are your employer is well meaning. Find out when your employer plans to pay your superannuation, which fund they’re paying into and the amount they’re paying.

If you still can’t resolve the issue, contact the ATO

Use the employee superannuation guarantee (SG) calculator tool on the Australian Taxation Office website to confirm you’re eligible for superannuation. You can then use the tool to launch an investigation into your missing payments with the Australian Taxation Office.

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