Speeding Offence Penalties Victoria

Speeding Offence Penalties in Victoria

If you speed in Victoria, you may find yourself with a speeding fine, your demerit points reduced, with a suspended licence or charged with a more serious speeding offence, such as excessive speeding or careless driving.

How many demerit points will I lose for a speeding offence?

This will depend on by how much you exceed the speed limit:

  • Less than 10 km/h: 1 demerit point;
  • Between 10 km/h and 24 km/h: 3 demerit points;
  • Between 25 km/h and 34 km/h: 4 demerit points;
  • Between 35 km/h and 44 km/h: 6 demerit points; and
  • By 45 km/h or more: 8 demerit points.

If you exceed the speed limit by 25km/h or more, you could be further charged with the speeding offence of excessive speeding.

What if I exceed my demerit point limit?

Demerit point limits

In Victoria, the demerit point limits are:

  • L or P (P1 and P2) plater: 5 or more points lost (in the past 12 months), or 12 or more points lost (in any three year period); and
  • Full drivers licence holder: 12 or more points lost in any three year period.

Non-full drivers licence holder

If you do not hold a full drivers licence or you hold an overseas drivers licence, you will be disqualified from driving in Victoria. The disqualification period is 3 months plus 1 month for every 4 points over your demerit point limit. During this time, you cannot drive, obtain a full drivers licence or hold a learners permit.

Full drivers licence holder

If you hold a full drivers licence, you can:

  • elect to extend your demerit point period and keep your drivers licence; or
  • have your drivers licence suspended.

If you do not extend your demerit point period, you face a minimum suspension period of 3 months plus 1 month for every 4 points over your demerit point limit.

Will I receive a speeding fine?

The Police can issue you an on-the-spot fine. If this happens, you will receive an Infringement Notice. You have 28 days to respond to or challenge the notice.

The Police can choose how much to fine you. However, each speeding bracket is capped at a maximum amount, these are:

  • If you exceed the limit by less than 35 km/h: $1,516.70 (10 penalty units);
  • If you exceed the limit by 35 km/h to 44 km/h: $2,275.05 (15 penalty units); and
  • If you exceed the limit by 45 km/h or more: $3,033.40 (20 penalty units).

What is excessive speeding?

You will be charged with excessive speeding if you:

  • Exceed the speed limit by 25 km/h or more; or
  • Drive above a speed of 130 km/h.

The Police only need to prove that you committed the act of speeding. They do not need to further prove that you were driving carelessly or recklessly.

If you are found guilty of excessive driving, your drivers licence will be suspended for at least the minimum suspension period. This is:

  • If you exceed the limit by 25 km/h to 34 km/h: 1 month suspension;
  • If you exceed the limit by 35 km/h to 44 km/h: 6 months suspension;
  • If you exceed the limit by 45 km/h or more: 12 months suspension; and
  • If you drive at a speed of 130 km/h or more (and none of the above apply): 1 month suspension.

What if my drivers licence is suspended?

Your drivers licence may be suspended because you exceeded your demerit point limit or you drove at an excessive speed. You must not drive during the suspension period. Within 7 days of the suspension period, you must send your drivers licence to:

VicRoads Licence and Registration Services
Locked Bag 7000
Kew VIC 3101

VicRoads will return the drivers licence to you by mail at the end of your suspension period.

What other speeding offence penalties are there?

A Magistrate can order that:

  • You make an undertaking (sworn promise to court) to be on good behaviour. (This may take the place of a fine); or
  • Have your car impounded.

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