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Small Business Help – Australian Government and Legal

When it comes to running a small business, the law is a double-edged sword. It serves to protect and bolster small businesses, but it can also be complex. The Australian government, along with the state governments, have some resources to help small businesses.

As always, in valuable, important or complex situations, commercial lawyers can help small business navigate their way through commercial law issues.

Small business statistics

Small businesses make up over 97% of all Australian businesses. Over 47% of Australians are employed by the small business sector. With so many Australians employed in businesses and companies that are run by themselves or by small business owners, there is a need for a range of business and legal assistance.

Commercial law

Commercial law is complex and is not practised by many of the free legal services offered around Australia’s states and territories. However, the Australian government provides a range of services for Australian small businesses.

You don’t just need to understand your legal stance when you run into a problem. Whether you are starting a new business or forming a new contract with a supplier, there are a wide range of reasons that you might want to seek assistance with understanding commercial law.

Small Business Legal Help

The Australian government has a Small Business Legal Help Guide to provide information (not advice) about a number of key topics for small businesses, including:

  • business structures,
  • how to buy and sell businesses,
  • the best way to go about recovering debts, and
  • how to engage in e-commerce and internet buying and selling.

State and territory specific information is also available if your issue falls within the realm of state legislation.

State and territory assistance

The states and territories have a range of assistance for small business owners, from small business mentors that you can book for a chat about business growth or legal issues, right through to workshops and training sessions about the legal requirements of running a business.

If you do run into conflict with another small business, rather than seek legal advice, you may seek help through the state government’s Small Business Commissioner.

The Australian government provides information to explain the suite of assistance available to small business owners in Australia. It is important to remember that only a lawyer can provide legal advice.

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