How to Prepare for a Meeting with a Lawyer

How to Prepare for a Meeting with a Lawyer

Australian law can be complex. The law isn’t cut and dry, which is why many Australians need a lawyer to help them.

Speaking with and hiring a lawyer doesn’t have to be a daunting process. Here are tips on how to best prepare for speaking with or a meeting with a lawyer.

1. Plan what you want to speak with the lawyer about

Make sure you write down:

  • The key things (and any concerns) that you want to discuss.
  • The questions that you want answered.

You could do this over a few days before your meeting, so that you can refer back to things as they come up. You may find it useful to speak with a trusted friend or family member beforehand to raise questions that you might not have thought about.

2. Outline key facts

By the time we get to the point of discussing an issue with a lawyer, its often the case that an issue has become complex.

  • Write an outline of the key facts about your case, so that you don’t miss any of the key details.
  • A timeline of events can be very helpful if the issue has gone over some time.

3. Aim to be efficient

Lawyers traditionally charge on an hourly basis, and even if they offer a free initial consultation, its important that you are efficient in your discussion. Stay on topic as much as possible.

4. Make copies of important documents

Your lawyer may want to look over particular documents that are relevant to your case. Make copies of any original documents.

5. Be open and communicate

Tell your lawyer what outcomes you are hoping for, and what your expectations are in regards to both their legal services and your matter. They will be able to align your expectations to the process, or deliver according to your requirements.

If you think you need a particular document prepared or issue resolved, let the lawyer know your thought process. There’s no reason to be shy during this process. Open and clear communication will help you maintain a positive relationship where you’re on the same page.

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